Mobile App Development

Training and development of custom applications for Android and IOS platforms


An iOS developer is someone who writes applications for the iOS operating system.

Tasks of an iOS developer. At the beginning of their career, novice developers are mostly engaged in fixing minor bugs and refactoring code. When you gain experience, your tasks will include: development of new functionality of the application and its support, release of the application in the App Store. Experienced professionals are entrusted with designing the architecture of the app and setting up CI/CD.

Required Devices. You will definitely need a MacBook or iMac. It is also desirable to have a device for which you will be developing - iPhone or iPad, with the help of which you will test the application. Of course, there are special programs that help to run the application from a laptop or computer, but these emulators do not have the full functionality of a mobile device.

If you want to try your hand at iOS but don't have the right device, you can consider the following options:

1. Installing MacOS in a VirtualBox or VMWare virtual machine;
2. services for working remotely on a Mac;
3. Hackintosh assembly - a computer that is hardware compatible with Apple products and runs on the Mac OS. 

But for the development of commercial applications, these options will not work, because the necessary system SDKs only work with MacOS. 

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