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What is development: Android

We explain what programming is and where to start, using JavaScript as an example. This language leads in popularity ratings and supports imperative, structured, object-oriented, and event-driven paradigms.

Toolkit for programming from scratch 

The toolkit of a typical programmer most often consists of the following things:

Internet (first of all, you need it to search for everything unexplored and unknown in any of the known search services);
code editor (or IDE - a set of software tools used by programmers to develop software) to help you organize everything you create;
compiler or interpreter. This is a program that reads your code and tries to find errors in it. It then assembles your code into a single package and gives it to your computer to execute;
headphones. You may be distracted by outside noise, and headphones are one easy way to shield yourself from noise.

You can use free software to get started, such as Atom and Notepad++. You can also try SublimeText, but it is a paid editor.

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